Dearest attendees, vendors, supporters, and promoters of the Vancity Women’s Expo. It is with much upset that we announce that the Vancity Women’s Expo to be held at the Cloverdale Agriplex on September 20, 21, + 22, 2019 is cancelled. 

We were only very recently informed by the Cloverdale Agriplex that the building would potentially be unavailable during our dates despite a contract and deposit that were signed and made with us back in 2018. During back and forth with the association, we were told we would have to cancel the event - there were no other options or buildings to host an event of this magnitude. 

After months of work, planning, and organizing we are extremely disheartened to make this announcement and we appreciate how understanding all of our vendors have been. We so enjoy hosting an empowering women’s event in the amazing city of Cloverdale and Surrey, and will greatly miss the weekend excitement and success we have had in previous years 

Please stay tuned for future announcements and for details on next year’s Vancity Women’s Expo 2020.

We promise we will be back with vengeance! 


The Organizers of the Vancity Women's Expo